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Let’s start with the fact: your business needs a social media presence. It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a major national company. Social media marketing is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms help you interact with your […]

Introduction – After a lot of prediction “WhatsApp Business” has been launched in India as well as in other countries. Few people say that there is not much difference between Personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. But it is like blessings for small-scale companies/business. Don’t worry, here we will tell you about WhatsApp Business App and […]

Social Media Marketing is the creative marketing tool that helps to advertise your product or service. We all have many questions about how social media work and how useful for our business so here are the 5 Most Common Social Media Marketing, questions we receive, answered. 1) What is the Key Role of Social Media Marketing? […]

It’s a Great news today!!!! Twitter had rolled out a new #280 character limit for Tweets. Being a Digital Marketing Expert it has got a great advantage for marketing and branding companies.This can give a full information by tweeting.Where one can give the detailed information about the company and also tell us about the features […]

Impact of Social Media in Pune which Plays Important Role in Brand Awareness. What is Social Media ? Social Media is expanding its reach in every strata of the society in India day by day and today the Facebook user number has gone up by around 500 million: The role of Social media in building brand awareness […]

Facebook is putting maps in the ads with a track of users visited the store in order to make offline retailers platform to showcase their products. Seeing the current trend of the online shopping, offline shopping is getting a second option for the user hence the Facebook on Tuesday launched several new advertising features within […]

1)Link posts to catch the attention of people to your website Social media is a great platform to inform, attract and engage the target audience in order to increase the business branding. Social Media consists of different platforms where Facebook is a much wider and populated platform to easily gel with the target audience. Facebook […]