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Building a strong professional network without getting gel up with the colleagues are impossible. Sharing the right aspect of your thoughts and getting the same from others will add up to make a strong network. In the recent survey, Online biz solutions – A Digital Marketing Company in Pune. found that the upper position of top performance are filled with people who are high in emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people are adept at reading others, and this shows them what they should and shouldn’t reveal about themselves at work.

Online biz solutions in coordination with the School of Digital Marketing supports the professional mainly the freshers or newbies to easily gel up in the company and give an incremental growth to their career. In the same line, we present the following highlights contains the 6 most common things people reveal that send their careers careening in the wrong direction.
1. I Hate My Job
Saying the sentence “I hate my job” is very simple but it is having a long adverse effect on the individual career. This is something which anyone will be the least interested to hear at work. Rather such comments will add a label of negative person, who is not a team player. This brings down the morale of the group. Bosses are quick to catch on to naysayers who drag down morale, hence being a professional we should not publicly comment such words.
2. He is Incompetent
Organization is build up with the group of people and there will always be chances of having incompetent people. As a true leader, first we should think towards improvingthe skill sets of incompetent people and make them comfortable at workstation. Announcing your colleague’s incompetence comes across as an insecure attempt to make you look better. We should always take a positive step towards building the right approach towards creating our unique profile in the company.
3. What’s your Salary
Knowing now and then the salary of the colleagues is something which everyone is mostly interested. Also the parents may love to hear all about how much you’re pulling in each month, but in the workplace, this only breeds negativity. It is in general that sometime few people get more and few less based on the skill sets, so to bring a positivity in the professional career it is most important for every individual to only think towards their end goal and the objectives they have decided before joining.
4. Political and Religious Beliefs
People’s political and religious beliefis something which shouldn’t be discussed in the company. Getting deeper into such discussion will end up with the anger, negativity and low morale. A true leader never discusses such things during their work time nor think consider this during interviewing the candidate.

5. An Offensive Joke
If there’s one thing we can learn from celebrities, it’s to be careful about what you say and whom you say it to. Offensive jokes make other people feel terrible, and they make you look terrible. They also happen to be much less funny than clever jokes.
A joke crosses the line anytime you try to gauge its appropriateness based on how close you are with someone. If there is anyone who would be offended by your joke, you are better off not telling it. You never know whom people know or what experiences they’ve had in life that can lead your joke to tread on subjects that they take very seriously.
6. Searching for a Job
Whenever we heard that person is looking for a job change, we start ignoring or avoiding them. Once you reveal that you’re planning to leave, you suddenly become a waste of everyone’s time. There’s also the chance that your hunt will be unsuccessful, so it’s best to wait until you’ve found a job before you tell anyone. Otherwise, you will end up riding the bench.

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